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MARWAN AL HUSSEIN & SONS LAW OFFICE was founded in 1966 by Mr. Marwan Al Hussein who was joined by Ms. Samar Al Hussein in 1990 and by Mr. Maher Al Hussein in 1994, and lately by Mr. Faris Al Hussein in 2004. The firm employs four other lawyers.
Since the establishment of our law firm (1966), MARWAN AL HUSSEIN & SONS LAW OFFICE was dedicated to develop unique national and international business solutions for its clients. The firm strives to provide clients with the premium, sophisticated services of a large law firm and the attentiveness and affordability of a small law firm.
During that period we offered, and still offering, a wide range of specialized and general legal services to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. The firm represents corporations, non-profit organizations, individuals, and public sector agencies throughout Jordan, Middle East and the rest of the word.
In order to achieve all our above-mentioned objectives, we always try to answer this simple question;

What clients need and how law firms can provide it?

The answer of this question is very simple one;
Clients need the best lawyers they can find!!!

Therefore, the most successful firms are those that combine superior talent with a supportive environment where nothing gets in the way of solving clients' problems, in which we have done our best to act on this premise, lawyer by lawyer, client by client, and that is how we have built a reputation for first-rate work, a positive outlook, and the highest standards of service and ethics. As a result we have continued to attract excellent clients, challenging assignments and outstanding lawyers.

Complex legal problems may not require complex solutions, but they often require the cooperation of lawyers practicing in different areas of the law. What is surprising is how few law firms are structured to make cooperation a way of life. Indeed MARWAN AL HUSSEIN & SONS LAW OFFICE is one of them. When you're a client of MARWAN AL HUSSEIN & SONS LAW OFFICE you're a client of the whole firm, with direct access to all the expertise in any of our departments. This unusual openness reflects a collaborative spirit that is central to the firm's culture; our training and compensation policies reward client service rather than volume, and cooperation rather than competition within the firm.

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